Hello, stroker! So you made a resolution to spend less time and money on phone sex, hmmmm? HA! As if you could ever do that! It’s been less than a month, and already you are here reading my blog, wishing I would make you a custom audio (never gonna happen), dreaming of a time we can talk on the phone again …

We can, silly! Just give them up, your silly resolutions. Because they don’t matter and they don’t enhance your life in any way. All they do is make you unhappy for the winter, and who needs that! Not you. You need your mean mistress. You need to be humiliated and teased and denied.

You need ME.

You’re never going to be able to put your phone sex addiction to bed. You will never, ever be able to quit me. So don’t even try. It’s a waste of effort and time. That hand will never, ever be good enough on its own.