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Hello naughty! Thank you so much for such great phone sex calls lately. Although the meaner I am to you the more guilty I feel later, from all the fun I get from it. My favorite thing in the world is humiliating and teasing you …

This Week

So, I’m here until tonight early evening and then possibly not around until Monday, so save your cum until then. I’m going on a little weekend trip camping and kayaking. I may log in Saturday night for a bit but will be in our camper or maybe a tent, so there could be some bear noises and rustling outside …

Next Week

On Monday and Tuesday I plan to be here a long time, and then for a bit Wednesday early morning and afternoon. The rest of next week is uncertain right now, but I did want to update you so you know when to put your big boy panties on and call this mean mistress.

Play with you soon! xoxoxo