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Schedule Update

Hi lovies! Here’s a quick schedule update for the next week or so, so you know when to call your favorite mean mistress!

Today – here most of the day, on and off, so grab me when you see me!

Tomorrow – here in the afternoon, most likely

Thursdayphone sex in the morning only (awwww)

Friday – here to tease and torment you on and off all day!

Saturday – not around, not at all. Awwwww!

Sunday – maybe here at night, if I’m home early enough

Monday and Tuesday – around much of the day, on and off so grab me.

Now, please keep in mind this schedule is NOT a guarantee, it’s just a general guideline for your planning. You know, me being extra nice and considerate (you’re welcome). I reserve the right to be here at times completely opposite to this *giggle* just to tease and deny you. Oh wouldn’t that be fun!

I’ll update my schedule again next week if I can, maybe just to lure you into my den …

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