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You would think any fetish would be secret by nature, right? I mean, who wants to wear their fetish on their sleeve at work, around friends, in life … but you would be surprised, naughties, at how many of you do just that. Telling so many people you meet about your secret desires to suck cock, get fucked, wear dresses, be cuckolded, and just generally act like the nutty noodle you are.

It’s true. You penis puppets have few inhibitions, don’t you. Especially those of you who let me watch you strut your stuff all over your room.

The only fetish I’ve seen all of you consistently keep secret is … who can guess? It’s weird that this is the only one, and it is defined by an acronym …

CFNM. Clothed female nude male. You don’t want anyone to know about that one. No one but the females you strip for, that is.

Fourteen years in the phone sex business and you strokers still surprise me.