My favourite time of year is upon us… FALL! Well, should say it’s the start of all the months that lead you to realize why you shouldn’t be in control of your cock since all you wanna do is be a jerk off boy. So Welcome to Strokember~ Sounds fun right? Having a Mistress control your masturbation cravings. Or is that just fun for the teasing Mistress?

Anyway at LDW we are kicking off the start of Fall by making the site of the month and well you know that this Tease Princess is approving of the feature cause I love making you stroke for me.

Control Your Masturbation

Now there can be many ways in which to have a Phone Mistress control your masturbation.

  1. It can be during the session with multiple edges that have you delaying your orgasm. Honestly, why rush things. Lets enjoy the journey to that orgasmic release
  2. It’s having a phone Mistress set up a jerk-off schedule. Giving you set times to call and do a quick jerk-off that will result in either an orgasm or not.

September Specials To Use with Masturbation Control

Course as you read this Tease Princess sort of knows a little secret and that is the phone specials that are running at LDW during Strokember cause they actually play in so well to Stroking for your Mistress fun.

Hour long masturbation special 1-800-601-6975 tease princess Maya

We have $20 off any phone session 60 minutes or longer for those looking to do a session that will allow for multiple orgasm edging sessions this would be your time to shine! Find out with the help of a Mistress controlling your cock just how many times you could edge in that longer session. Sexy right?

Course if you cant find the time for a long orgasm edging session do not worry cause there is this wonderful deal on Wednesday which I think is perfect for schedule masturbation sessions and that is Wankin’ Wednesday where from 2pm to 6pm you can grab 20 minutes for $45. Think of the fun you can have with a weekly Wednesday Wank session with your Mistress?

Wednesday Masturbation Special 1-800-601-6975 Tease Princess Maya

Oh and there is also the Wake n Wank special that is 10 minutes for $20 from 3am to 9am every day of the week. is where you can find the sexy Mistresses who are available to control  your masturbation at that time of the day.

Morning Masturbation Special 1-800-601-6975 tease princess maya

Now I am not around in the mornings so that deal unfortunately the Wake and Wank deal does not work with my schedule. However, the hour long special and the Wankin’ Wednesday afternoon special, both work with my schedule of 2pm to 9pm EST. Just in case you were wondering what September Special you could take advantage of with your favourite Tease Princess

Anyone else all giddy at the idea of exploring orgasm denial, edging and well cock control this month?

Don’t worry even if cock control is not your idea of phone fun we can explore other kinky fetishes during our time together. Mind you being a Tease Princess I will bring a certain level of teasing to your kinky fantasy so consider that your warning.

What a great way to start the Fall season and well the months of cock control.

Oh and reminder that Double Perk Point Days is September 22 it falls on the Autumn Equinox. How fun is that! Ok might just be me that sees the fun in that but I would love to spend the Equinox controlling your masturbation.

Double Perks Points Day 1-800-601-6975 tease princess maya

Look forward to controlling your cock and also thought I would try something a bit new by adding a dash of an audio sample. Give ya a taste of my voice giving the run down of the wonderful September Sepcials. Leave a comment and let me know if I should add more of these teasing audios!

How to reach Me ~ your Tease Princess.

By calling me at 1-800-601-6975 just ask for Maya

My current teasing schedule is 11 am – 6 pm PST (2 pm -9 pm EST) Monday to Saturday with Sundays off but this is a guideline. Should my schedule change you can generally find I will post that information on Twitter @EnchantrixMaya

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