Tease Princess (800)601-6975

Hello, it’s me again. You said you wanted a sexy phone sex blog post every day, remember! I’m trying, but it’s not easy. I *do* appreciate your wish list gifts and tributes as encouragement – THANK YOU! Let’s see how well you encourage your Mistress to continue doing this …

So. I had a crazy call today. My caller begged me not to post about it, so you know that means I HAVE TO. Guess what he wanted to do? Guess! Can you? He wanted to become a phone in his house so that he could be as close as possible to me while he stroked his little penis as a human, too. HAHAHA. Crazy!

So I told him he could be that little black phone above in the LDW logo, just for our call. Hahahahaaa! I was the lips. And I cooed my humiliation and verbal abuse into his ear as he crackled like a bad connection and moaned and begged for me to continue. It was a blast!

Did I let him cum? What do you think???