Recently, a sissy tweeted about how wonderful their feet felt after a foot peel mask and a pedicure to which I replied asking what colour polish did they paint their toes. The response was just clear due to still being in the closet.

You could almost sense that sigh of wishing they could paint their toes with some wonderful springtime colour and enjoy wiggling their toes in delight. But I do understand that sometimes you just have to live quietly. Now in typing that, I know myself and many of the girls at LDW always love to offer that space be it your a cross-dresser, sissy, or well somewhere else on the kinky spectrum that allows you to explore your kink or fantasies. Sometimes it’s simply just addressing you by the name you dream of being, Hearing those sexy pronouns that make you feel like yourself.  Anyways my point is you get to be you whoever that is.

Back to the sissy (actually I am hoping my memory is correct might of been a crossdresser) however, as someone who has spoken to a number of people who have to keep in the closet about many of things we girls do hear tips and tricks that could benefit you. Such as you dont always have to settle for clear polish.

Sissy Pedicure Polish Tip

There are many polish out there that fall in the slight colour family for people who have jobs that don’t allow flamboyant colours or they personally don’t like dramatic nails. So you can find polish with just a hint of colour or a pop of sparkle. Now I would say a fun thing to do would be to make a girlie day venture off to a town that you wouldn’t normally go to. Pop into Ulta or Sephora and snoop through the nail polish selection or better yet ask one of those pretty sales associates for some help. Tell them you are looking for a polish with just a hint of a nude colour but nothing super obvious. A light blush type of colour near the shade of your nailbed. You could say its for you or a gift for someone who doesn’t love dramatic nails.

Sephora has “I am a princess” Shimmer that would probably barely show up if you did it in 1-2 coats. Do your base clear coat then the I am a Princess followed by a top coat. You would most likely notice it but anyone else wouldn’t see it at all unless they are burying their face into your pretty feet. And if you do have someone burying their face in your feet they may actually like to see that flash of a shimmer on your pretty sissy pedicure toes. Will say I haven’t personally used that shade but it does look like it would be a light nude shade definitely one to look into.

Bonus Shopping Tip

Oh could you imagine some shimmery sissy pedicure toes under some nude stockings? OMG this could be super sexy! Go nail polish shopping then grab some stockings from the dollar store. I mean if your in the closet doing things on the cheap is the best, so you can toss them after your girlie play session. If you do grab them from there I will say grab 2 pairs cause they most likely will rip easily.
Anyways, I hope you find those little tips helpful for yourself if your in the closet you can still have some fun with your sissy pedicures and not have to stay in the clear coat range of polish. Course I am around for those sissy slut chats or just to enjoy a dress up session with.

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