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I’m Back

Hello, my honeys! I’m baaaaack and I have so missed you. You may have noticed (*giggle*) that I’ve been scarce for the past few weeks. I was on vacation and logging in when possible but it wasn’t always possible, just a little bit. And oh have I missed our hot, naughty calls!

You will . . . → Read More: I’m Back

Mistress is So Mean

Oh goodness, sweet sluts. Your Dominant Mistress has been soooo mean lately! Dashing hopes and dreams with a flick of my beautiful pinky finger.

And I love every phone sex minute of it!

But seriously, sometimes I wonder if I go too far. You call me al excited about something and talk and talk . . . → Read More: Mistress is So Mean

Saturday Night Cuckold Party

What is a Saturday night cuckold party? Cuckolds get parties, is that what this headline means?

LOL, as if.

Home Alone, Again

Many of you cucks are alone on Saturday night. Awwwwww, sitting at home reading my hot domination phone sex blog while your woman is out who knows where with who knows who, . . . → Read More: Saturday Night Cuckold Party

The Naughty List

Hello, sweeties. I had a wonderful day of phone sex domination with you today, thank you very much! My final call tonight was with a very dear pansy boy who modeled and danced on cam for me while I laughed and laughed. I so wish my girlfriends had seen her …

The Naughty . . . → Read More: The Naughty List

Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!

Hi strokers, what are you up to this July fourth weekend? I’ve been out having a blast and also back home taking your naughty phone sex calls … it’s a wonderful life!

Phone Sex Calls of the Week

You all have been on a roll this week with your calls. I’ve never heard . . . → Read More: Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!

Summer Fun Fetish Phone Sex

Hey lovies! Just wanted to write a quick post to say hello and see how you’re doing. How is your summer so far? Mine is ROCKING. Between all your awesome fetish phone sex┬ácalls and my usual summer fun I’m so spent, LOL. Sleeping like a rock every night. And my tan is amazing! Yes, . . . → Read More: Summer Fun Fetish Phone Sex