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Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!

Hi strokers, what are you up to this July fourth weekend? I’ve been out having a blast and also back home taking your naughty phone sex calls … it’s a wonderful life!

Phone Sex Calls of the Week

You all have been on a roll this week with your calls. I’ve never heard . . . → Read More: Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!

Night Strokers

Hello, sweet cheeks! Have I written lately about night strokers? I guess I could also call them weekend strokers, more relaxed and such, but there is something about calling phone sex at night, wanting to be dominated at night, that holds a special place in my heart.

I used to take phone sex calls exclusively at . . . → Read More: Night Strokers

First Time Caller

Hello, my sweet knob knockers! Do you like that? I love it – knob knockers. It means you call me while you knock your knob. Get it? (ya I know you do, just rubbing it in.)

So, I love when a new-to-me caller introduces himself to me and says he wants to “try” a phone . . . → Read More: First Time Caller