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Tanning Naked

Thank you for your great comments here on my blog. I love reading and approving your comments and then discussing posts with you during your naughty phone sex calls!

So how is your week going? I’m still all sunburned from the weekend. My skin is so fair that I burn easily when I’m not tanning, and this winterI was way too busy to work on my tan.

Many of you have asked where I was – well, you know I have about a gazillion interests. Naughty calls with you are at the top of my list, of course. Dominating you, humiliating you, nurturing your submissive side is all what I love to do. But I’m also a pretty good businesswoman and have some business interests outside of the phone. Most recently I helped a friend start up her clothing business, and it took a little longer than I thought it would. Mainly because she loved having me around so much that she waited to hire her staff.

But, she got it done, and here I am back with you cock strokers for the rest of this summer and beyond … wayyyyy into the great beyond.

Spank ya soon! xoxo

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