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Hello! Have you all heard about the forthcoming ban on panties? I couldn’t believe it … soon enough, all women’s panties will be outlawed from stores and available only online. Only blah and boring men’s underwear will be sold in stores. Yanno, the kind chronic strokers wear.

Apparently, too many of us humiliating phone Mistresses are sending sissies into mainstream stores to garner help from salespeople to buy panties. There’s been a huge uproar from soccer moms about it, and we all know how loud they can be! All the picketing and boycotting and letters to corporate headquarters have had the desired effect – No More Panties.

So sissies, and sissy wannabe’s, hurry and get to the stores. Buy up as many pink frillies as you can. Then come home, put them on and make your phone sex call so we can trill about it. Better yet, put them on in a dressing room at the store and then show them off to the soccer moms. Make them even crazier than they are.

Sissies, and everyone, a small part of this postis in jest. There’s no forthcoming ban on pretty panties that I know of. Gotcha! Now go put on some pretty lip gloss and make kissies at your mirror.