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Hi sweeties! I may not be around much this weekend for phone fun but I do expect to be here a little bit. It’s a beach weekend, me and my girlfriends rented a house at the beach for a few nights so that’s where I am. You know, in case you hear them in the background *giggle*

We had one of our parties earlier tonight and yes we rented some male strippers. We didn’t even have to pay them, they requested a pair of sexy thong panties from each of us in exchange for dancing around and shaking their hips to our amusement.

My best friend Susan, she’s not a dominant girl, is sitting here next to me, watching me write this blog. We’re on the patio by the pool. Why does a beach house have a pool? I’m glad it does though, very private and lit up at night. Skinny dipping soon! Don’t you wish you could be here … heheheeeee