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Titillating Tuesday

Well it’s almost hump day, and I’ve blogged almost every day for the past few weeks. What an accomplishment! Especially for me, spoiled and usually just waiting to humiliate my next phone sex victim 😇

I’m taking a blog break after tomorrow, though. If I write too much I’ll talk less, and that means I’m silent during our calls. Haha! How fun would that be, to ignore you or at least make you think I am. Hmmm maybe that’s my new specialty.

In other news, you all were crazy this weekend. So kinky, easily manipulated, eager to please your mistress. Something about weekends brings out the best in you, much better than weekdays, weeknights, that sort of thing. Maybe you’re more relaxed. You’re definitely more imaginative.

OK, so my contest has come to an end. There’s no winner, but there are some honorable mentions. You’ll see in my next post. I’m changing names, of course.

Kisses and spanks!



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