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Hello, lovies. Today is the last day you can grab a free 5-minute phone sex call with me. I’m offering them from 3pm-6pm eastern time, and then that’s it, so I do hope you try to reach me. And I DO hope you schedule more than five minutes, because last week’s rules still apply. You can see those here.

If you do request only your free minutes, then we will have some “get to know you” chatting, or you can update me on recent happenings in your life, that sort of thing. Either way, I do hope to speak with you!

In other news, my schedule is again changing a bit for your humiliation calls. Well all your calls, really … I’m around A LOT this week, but next week I may be away until next weekend. I’ll post another blog update about this in a few days, but this week really is the best week to catch me for the foreseeable future.

I need to get back to organizing some panties for sissy … call me!