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Hello, my naughty lovies. Just a schedule note, I’ll be away for a few hours tonight. I know you will miss me! However, this doesn’t mean I’m gone ALL night – your Mean Mistress may make a surprise appearance *very* late. If you’d like to be notified, email me 🙂

In other news, you’re still talking about my Sissy Layla. I’m so happy you found her story interesting. I find that most sissies have very good stories to tell. Their (your) lives are more interesting than the average life. And I don’t mean because you dress up all pretty, although that adds much depth. I mean because your life leading up to our discussions is often full of twists and turns the average non-sissy does not experience.

Cuckolds, you are not exempt from the fun! Well, no one who calls me is. Each of you is so interesting. It takes a special person to want to jerk off with a stranger. If I let you :LOL:

And it takes a unique individual to actually develop a relationship with a phone Mistress.

OK, so look for me very late tonight. I can’t guarantee it, but ya never know … xoxo