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no cummingOh, stroker, how often do you touch your little dick? I didn’t say to do it, so stop it. Just wondering how often you DO.

You know, when your Mean Mistress is not around …

Anyway, let’s say you touch it 10 times a day, not including the “necessary” times, of course. Five of those 10 times are not successful. It doesn’t get hard and your little balls are all shrunken. And then, three of those times it actually starts to get hard. But someone comes into the room, or you think about the housework you forgot to do, or your super big credit card bill, and then psssshhhhh the dick shrinks back up again.

So that leaves two more times in a day. Are they cummies times? Hmmmmmm let’s think for a minute. First of all, NO. Nope. the two are not cummies times. Maybe one of them is. Maybe. If you have not spoken with me, of course. The other one’s a bust.

So the actual cummies … is it a ruined orgasm? What is a ruined orgasm, anyway? Have you ever had one? It’s when your little dick squirts but it either doesn’t feel so good or it is actually uncomfortable. It’s great, I hear. Because those are my favorite orgasms to make you have on the phone. Ruined.

Okay, so maybe the other one is not such a bust. Maybe I’m not feeling so mean that day. Or maybe you are all alone, stroking it. And you let it explodes and it feels soooooo good. But I doubt it. Because nothing compares to tease and denial. And you know it.