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Truly Mean

Hiya sluts. I do love greeting you with all different names that aptly describe you, all written with adoration, of course.

So, I want to discuss a bit of fun that’s come up a few times lately, that I’ve had a real blast with! Some of you call your mean mistress for the first time, wanting me to be mean or at least telling the lovely dispatcher you do. But when you get a taste of it you wimp out!

Now, if you want me to be NICE just tell me, or tell enchantrix empire dispatch, or email me, whatever. I’ll try but make no guarantees. If you ask for mean, ohhhh you will get it, with a YUGE smile on my face 🙂 Not yelling, I don’t do that, my voice is extremely seductive and sensual. This is hot steamy phone sex, after all.

Mean can include humiliation, mocking, spanking, insults, all kinds of things to tear you down and build you back up into the kind of male you should be – MINE.

2 comments to Truly Mean

  • Sissy Lynn

    Mistress, my favorite part of being a sissy is to have a beautiful woman call me very feminine, sissy or humiliating names/nicknames. Especially when she does it in front of her girlfriends (or male friends). To hear her make fun of me when I’m wearing nothing but a bra and panties, a babydoll nightie, a french maid’s outfit or even a wedding gown is so wonderful. The best is having her brush or set my waist length hair (my own), out it in bows and ribbons, and tell me that only a faggot would grow her hair that long and wear it in so many girlie ways. I just have a feeling that you might be mean enough to do that [giggles]. Probably, do it really, really well.

  • Tom

    I love to wear my sheer pink nylons my pink push up bra and my pink garter belt and my 9 inch pink/black high heels but I call them my FUCK SHOES and take a mistress strapon cock tied to saw horse

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