So I realized that my last post about how I became a foot tease really was a tease for most of you who were like ya that was a great introduction into foot fetish fantasy but like how do we introduce our partner into foot worship?

Now I can not say this will work for all but it was something that worked for me and that was slow. Go slow.

This isn’t a sprint situation granted you’re salivating at the idea of having your partner share in your foot fetish fantasies but they might not know you have this kinky fantasy. You have enjoyed this kinky fantasy for years and years where they are being hit with something in the blink of an eye. So slow is the key you want them to warm up to the idea and share in the fascination of what excites you about sexy feet.

Yes, my introduction was different and my partner hit me with the idea on a day when I was in a fun, flirty, cock teasing sort of mindset. So it worked to his advantage. Whereas if he hit me on a different day my response might not have been so positive. So consider your partner how they feel, what makes them tick, and how open they are to new ideas. For it’s them you wish to share this wonderful fetish with.

Foot Worship Intro Ideas

Perhaps it’s starting out with buying them pedicure gift cards, so they can go get their feet pampered. Granted it’s by someone else but they will come back and you can share in them retelling the experience. Getting your partner to show you their pretty painted toes. Helping them pick out the polish saying “Hey I would love to see you with red toes. You know I find that colour super sexy!”

Like my partner, it’s giving foot rubs and not pushing the rubs to be sexual but just allowing your partner to feel pampered to savor the fact you’re getting to touch her feet. Bring out the lotion to enhance the experience at some point. Later on, you can masturbate to how much you enjoyed touching their sexy feet but for now, it’s about them. Let them become accustomed to being pampered with foot rubs.

With time you can take the foot rubs and pamper sessions to be more than just adding enhancing your personal masturbation sessions. But the key is time. You want them to enjoy this as much as you do.

Communication is Key

Course as I say that having open conversations bring up what excites you. Finding ways you can create that flow of dialogue around kinks and fetishes. Ya, it’s gonna be difficult to express yourself and you will feel vulnerable but in the end, this conversation will lead to both of you exploring your foot worship fantasies together ~ or hopefully it will.

Who knows you might find your partner opening up about what kinks excite them and that leads to even more fun sexual exploration together.

As always if you find yourself still in that stage of not being able to chat with your partner about your foot fetish I am around to help you indulge in those sexy foot worshiping fantasies. I love creating role-plays that will have you sucking my toes and well slipping that hard cock between my crinkly soles.

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