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Hello, sweetie pie. I have a question – did you always know you were meant to be a cuckold?


Most of you cuckies I speak with say yes to this. That you knew even before you were married, or involved, or cuckolded for the first time that it would happen, your lifetime of humiliation. That your woman would be less than satisfied with you sexually and she would look elsewhere, to a real man, for sex.

This is why most of you make a lot of money and are devoted family “men”. Because you pretty much gave up responsibility for pleasing your woman and knew you would have to focus on ways to keep her in your life.

It doesn’t always work though, does it? Sometimes a man comes along, a real man, unlike you, who can penetrate not only your woman’s hungry vagina but her soul and her heart. And once he does that, why should she stay with you?

This is rare, thank goodness, my cuckolds. Most times she just wants the sex and that’s it. And that’s fine – you always knew it would happen.