A few weeks ago now got to enjoy a little game of Pass the penis.

If you are like me and going huh pass the what? How is this a game? Perhaps you have had a bit too much maple syrup there Maya. Ya, I get you! Cause it was something I had heard tossed around in passing but never fully understood either till well I got to enjoy the phone game myself.

Now I can’t say much on the details cause A) never got consent from the caller and B) never heard back from him about the details of what he did on his call, so this is very much a vanilla blog about the details on pass the penis game and well my experience with that caller minus the full-on details that will point out who he is. If that makes sense.

Pass the Penis Game details

Let’s start out with the details of the game itself.

First, you call in and let the dispatcher know you wanna play the game. Simple enough right?

She will ask you how many Mistresses you wish to be passed around to. Hence the name lol. You pick the total time you want the game to be or well how long you can handle being teased. The longer you go the more Mistresses you get to be passed too. Now course there is a duration within that session per Mistress.

You are then sent to Mistress #1 and she will tease you during that time working you over but not letting you masturbate to an orgasm. Or that is hopefully the goal so that you can get passed along to the next Mistress and have her tease you.

It’s a fun twist on orgasm denial and gets you enjoying more than one Mistress in a fun way.

My Penis Passing Experience

Know you are gonna ask about my experience, well I ended up being lucky Mistress #1 and my caller didn’t tell me he was playing the game. Was about to say nothing was said till halfway through our 10 minute session but he was super naughty and never disclosed any information about the game at all! I had to say hey wait a moment here when were you gonna tell me we were playing a game of passing your cock around?

That was met with a giggle and an oops didn’t I mention that?

Well, he felt bad when I told him this was my first time playing and well it needs to be mentioned so I can make a big deal about it haha. What can I say I love celebrating everything! I do tweet nearly every wonderful 2 Mistress experience cause I want everyone to know how awesome of a time I had and this pass the penis game is no different.

When I asked Mr. Dick (Ya this seems like a suitable name considering the game we were playing) what other Mistresses he was going to be going to he had no idea cause the dispatcher was the one in control of who he went off to next. Now if that doesn’t add to the excitement of fun I have no idea what does.

pass the penis 1-800-601-6975

Do you think you would opt to pick the Mistresses you went to or would you like the dispatchers to pick who your penis got denied by?

Honestly, I have no idea who I would want to encourage/deny my pleasure by or in what order. I mean I sort of know who I would do 2 Mistress sessions with but this is totally different. If your looking for all the details on how to play the pass the penis game then here is the site funny enough it’s called passthepenis.com.

Am definitely looking forward to my next game!

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