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You Love It?!

Boy, you sluts love my blog, don’t you. My new humiliation stroker from the other day called back last night and THANKED ME for being so nice to him here. Thanked me! OMG, I am soooo not nice nor do I want to be. My whole purpose is to be a bitch, and to torment you, and make you cry whenever I want to.

I can’t have you calling your phone sex mistress to thank me. Because that I have no idea what to do with. YUK. *smile*

So it’s Friday, and I have a busy weekend lined up. Many calls with you, of course, and some shopping and gym time, and then … a big party on Sunday! You know those parties I go to in the city, at my girlfriend’s penthouse apartment. I’ve told some of you about them. Male strippers come and entertain us, volunteer of course, and all sorts of crazy sexy things happen that involve dildos, strap ons, domination, submission, cock sucking (not me, I make everyone else do it), missionary. Well you get the idea.

So I won’t be around Sunday afternoon, I’ll be there having a blast. Call me Sunday night to hear all about it!

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