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Your Favorite Fantasy

Hello, stroker! What’s your favorite fantasy, hmmm?

I *know* it involves your hand. What would you do without it? You use it all the time. You may as well be married to it, or at lease buy it a ring. Same with your phone, you depend on it sooo much, don’t you? To reach your favorite mean mistress, of course.

I had a call recently where the caller, a cuckold, told me his wife tried to cut his hand off because he masturbates so much. Can you imagine! He said she was so jealous of his hand that she tried to place it on a table in his sleep, and then bam! But he woke up in time and pulled it away.

I asked him why in the world she was so jealous, and of course he admitted he could never satisfy her, never make her moan or quiver or orgasm. But when he uses his hand the noises he makes fill the house and even neighbors hear him. And of course it makes her nuts.

Anyway, I’ll be back soon with more fun stories!

5 comments to Your Favorite Fantasy

  • D

    My favorite? I should not tell you but…. Sssh! To have to fuck a melon on cam while you watch, laugh and get your kicks at my expense! OMG I LOVE mean Mistress!!!

  • Tom

    My favorite is to ride a 10 inch gspot didlo with a suction cup on my end table while u degrade and humiliate with wearing only my nylons push up bra and 9 and 10 inch high heels while u talk about strap on training

  • Tom

    Can u write back about ur slut last comment

  • Tom

    I would it if u would make me stand up with my arms and legs spread wide apart and with my nylons and 9 and 10 inch high heels on and u kick in my balls and kick my cock

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Mistress Melanie – my favorite fantasy…hmmm…I have had so many over the years…..the one we played out today is definitely one of them 🙂 I had an F’ing Blast – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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