As you know or at least I make it known that I am a Princess who enjoys a cock with substance. Yes, I am a size queen. So when the topic of dating and sex came up with my resort work colleagues I had to roll my eyes. This may sound odd or perhaps not dating and sex comes up a fair amount when I am out with friends. NO! I am not pushing that conversation that way usually someone else brings it up generally it starts off with UGH dating sites WTF!

Then the conversation moves to actual dating experience and then onto sexual encounters from said dates. Well, this conversation sort of started from a ton of different things but the main one was a girl saying she was looking forward to dating and experiencing someone bigger than her ex.

Fuck ya, Girl Get Those Big Cocks!

Well, then you have a few other women piping up about its not the size but how much enthusiasm someone brings to the sheets. Ummm ok cool there Betsy but like shut up! We all like what we like and I don’t think she was icking anyone’s yum by saying she was looking forward to exploring different penis sizes. Course Betsy wasn’t done she was all 5 inches has brought me tons of pleasure he was like the energizer bunny.

Of course, this size queen’s eye was twitching during the whole conversation. Yes, I bite my tongue for the first bit cause it would be rude to push my opinion down her throat like she was doing to this other lady. However, I will admit I so wanted to be geesh 5 inches I wouldn’t know what to do with that! Oh yes, I would make him put his pants back on and walk out the door. Cause 6 and under don’t belong naked in my bed. Honestly, I have no clue what to do with small dick men.

Size Queen Has No Idea What To Do With Small Cocks

Yes, I know your reading this going OMG she is harsh. No, I am not I just happen to be an honest size queen and perhaps blunt but isn’t it refreshing to know where you stand or well belong with a woman who adores cucking small dick men. There is no sugarcoating things. You don’t belong in my bed. PERIOD.

Anyways back to Betsy n her views on dick size. Well, she ran and got some other lady from another department probably texted her to say hey come back me up. Cause this lady flew in with yes size means nothing any large dick men I have been with just laid there and didn’t even try to participate they were a lousy lovers.

Ok, I am curious who the hell she is fucking and maybe it’s her efforts that were lacking because any big dick guy I have fucked has been awesome. They have tried various positions and had the dick length to hit the damn spot every fucking time. Never did hear them say ohh I keep slipping out we need to try something else. Nope, none of that.

Small Dicks Don’t Belong In a Size Queen’s Bed

Now I could have kept my mouth shut and in some ways I did but all this size queen said was well we all have our preferences and glad you appreciate small cocks cause I will never appreciate them. This girl only wants the big dick guys between her legs.

Well, Betsy just dropped that jaw and it near hit the floor so you know she can suck back on a big’un. Too bad she wastes that mouth on the small one. Oh wait is that a bad thing? Probably not considering she is entertaining the lil dicks and saving the big ones, those over 7 inches, for me.

Anyways if you love the idea of some small cock humiliation then by all means give this size queen a call. I am definitely up to tell you how it would be dating me… Hello Cuckold Life!

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