It’s my Enchantrix Empire Anniversary! Yes, I sort of tossed it out at the end of my last blog which had a few of you going to wait a moment! Back things up! You can’t just toss out it’s your sexy anniversary in such a way but then you realize yup that would be Maya’s style. Tease even with her anniversary date.

Tease Princess Enchantrix Anniversary Date March 5th

So here I am posting a blog on the actual date of my anniversary. One year ago today my sexy ass logged in to take calls. I believe my very first call was a body worship session. The moment they saw my sexy legs they were like OH I have to introduce myself by begging to kiss and well just worship her legs.  Being the sensual domme that I am, I was not gonna argue it was a wonderful way to be introduced to the Enchantrix Empire. Like a Princess won’t enjoy sitting back and savour being worshipped in such a way.

If you are pondering what sort of fantasy you would like to do today then I would recommend a body worship one. Let me sit upon your face and smother you with my sweet ass or just let me tease you with my toes as I wiggle them in front of your face. Doesn’t that sound like fun? It does to me and this is MAYA’s Day!

What Types of Calls Did Enchantrix Maya Get Her First Day

Know you are curious about what other things happened my first day well I always had a wonderful 2 Mistress phone sex session with Lilly. Come to think of it my entire first week was filled with amazing two Mistress sessions as kinky fella’s were eager to pair me up with their favourite LDW Mistress. Which was so much fun.

Since we are well I am reminiscing let’s look back over the last year when I did a 2 Mistress Session with; Lily, Jenna, Delia, Mandy, Cindy, Roxy, Erika, Rachel, Scarlet, Stephanie, Cecilia, Fiona, Kennedy, Tia, Brighton, Laurel and Skylar. What an amazing list of beautiful women I have had the pleasure to tease you with.

Enchantrix Maya’s Multi Mistress Experience

Of course, in creating that list I totally forgot about my first ever 3 Mistress session which was rather comical. Cause the moment I said this was my first ever 3 Mistress session the caller said wow ok let’s do 2 back to back then. The first session was with Cindy and Alyssa these women have done them before and knew what they were doing I was like umm ok how do I join this threesome? Once I shook off the nerves it was game on lets tease and rock this cock! Or deny this cock!

The second 3 Mistress sessions followed were myself, Cindy, and Roxy. Talk about a sexy combination to continue on with deny his orgasm. Mind you it was so long ago not sure what fetish or fantasy we indulged in but with us sexy cock controllers you know we were delaying him his pleasure till the perfect moment.

So before you ask…. Yes a multi Mistress phone sex call is a fabulous way to spend my Enchantrix Empire Anniversary. Come to think of it perhaps grabbing the other sexy Mistresses who are having an Anniversary this month for a fun multi-mistress session would be in order. You could come up with a special anniversary song with all of our names in it.

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