Yes, you probably read the title of this blog and went ooo how does a chastity boy earn himself a release date. Well, that was more of a teasing title to catch your attention. You should know by now this Tease Princess is all about toying with your throbbing cocks!

Chastity Release Fantasy

Anyways back to the chastity release date that comment was made in a phone sex session the other day. The guy was telling me about a wicked chastity fantasy he had come up with to entertain yours truly. I won’t go into the full details of the call cause I never did get his consent for that and well even if someone is a submissive I do like to get their permission before blogging about their phone sessions.

Now during that chastity phone sex session, I made the comment about setting up a chastity release date and pondering at what point he would be allowed out of the cage. Of course, being the sensual tease that I am my mind started to go down another path instead of him earning that release date it would be my Big Dick Lover who would get the joy of releasing. Yes, the idea of denying that chastity sub a release date got me extremely excited. Knowing his time of having his cock locked up was not over. That he would have to sit there and watch me getting fucked by a real man.

Chastity Tease

Heck just thinking about it now gets me even more excited and has me giggling away as I type this. After all, I do love a good cuckold session and I will fully admit that my experience with men in chastity is rather limited the idea of keeping someone locked up is exciting.

Even though my experience with chastity fantasy is limited I am more than eager to learn what sorts of things excite you about having your cock in a cage. What fantasies do you enjoy discussing on the phone? If you are interested in sharing your experiences with someone newer to chastity then please give me a call.

In the meantime, I shall ponder some ways in which you could earn a chastity release date. Or at least tease you with the idea that you could maybe be unlocked. haha.

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