Its probably been a bit since I posted a sissy blog and well a few weeks ago had a fun feminization fantasy call so it seems like the perfect phone sex session to blog about. I mean you know me I do enjoy posting about call sessions and just the sort of fun we can have or I have had in this case.

This person is someone who has called around to various LDW Mistresses and that day he was looking at different bios realizing that a few new lovely Mistresses had joined LDW. He started reading my bio and realized we would be a good fit for I was someone who enjoyed girlie chat, cloth shopping, and well just having some fun on the phone. All the things he was looking for that day.

Feminization Fantasy Shopping Trip

Our conversation started out like most I would say talking about what he was looking for and simply what he was in the mood for that day. Which was simple they were in the mood for a new outfit but always appreciated someone else’s opinion on an outfit.

Now I am someone my friends love taking shopping cause I am like a personal shopper to them. They hang out in the changeroom and I am tossing clothing and different looks over the door for them to try on like they are my personal walking, talking Barbie doll. Yes, I will admit some times I toss an outfit over the door just for the giggles cause I know it’s not their style and might be a bit too slutty but hey I am entitled to some fun too.

Anyways that is why I love sissy shopping trips I get to snoop online and say hey what about this outfit?

Or maybe you should give this colour a try break away from your uber girlie powderpuff pink and give slutty red a try.

Course this feminization fantasy fun session was about anything and everything colours didn’t matter it was about finding some short sassy dress that would show off the body amazingly and well since they had a wicked tan that too!

Well, we found a pretty dress or two, some hot shoes, and even sexy lingerie. We did discuss makeup a touch but I will admit that if you want a Mistress who will give you a basket full of face changing make up I won’t be that girl cause I do tend to stick with natural make up looks and don’t put much on. However, even though I say that I do love a wicked cat eye look so eyeliner and mascara with a red lip. Hmm, my favorite.

The Mascara Assignment

It was in our discussion of make up and just how we both enjoy some sexy natural looks that the topic of mascara did come up. And I know that many sissies do have a tendency to want a full on Sephora shopping spree but there will be that purge at the end of the weekend. So why not do a mini haul at the dollar store. Well, this sissy and I got into the discussion of which would be better for handling that fresh fucked look. Dollar Store or the drug store brand of mascara. Which would handle a good fucking be it just a dildo mounted to the bathroom wall for a little self pounding pleasure.

So that is their feminization fantasy fun assignment see which mascara could last a good fuck.

Which one would streak? Or gave sexy smoky eye vision?  Which one gave I am doing the walk of slutty shame vibes?

Now you can jump in on this too. Perhaps grab some mascara for your next call or try it out beforehand. So you know which one you want to apply before your sissy phone sex call. As always you do have the option of doing a Skype session so that I can admire your pretty attire and make up application.

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