Welcome to Masturbation Challenge May!

Ok so we are halfway through the wonderful month but that doesn’t mean you can’t start participating in this wonderful theme. After all as a distance teaser, not sure if that is a thing but I believe it should be. The idea of a month devoted to masturbation, tease, and edging, and well you get the idea is beyond exciting.

You’re excited, right?

Cause I am definitely excited!

So in keeping with the monthly theme, this Tease Princess signed up with a few sexy ladies at LDW to do a Mini Stroke-a-Thon. Now I am gonna be completely honest being the new girl here I have never done a stroke-a-thon, so I am really unsure what to expect when it comes to this. Other than Erika said she was thinking of doing a Mini version of one and I went interesting. Then mentioned the challenge involved teasing, masturbating, and edging. I was like say no more!

Masturbation Games 1-800-601-6975 Maya

Count me in on this fun masturbation challenge.

So what can I tell you about this amazing Masturbation game that will have your head swimming with excitement. There are 10 amazing Mistresses involved in the Mini Stroke-a-thon Challenge they are; Erika Fiona, Olivia, Adeline, Danica, Rachel, Mandy, Harper, Daphne, and myself. Talk about an amazing and diverse assortment of Mistresses to tease your cock.

You get to pick which Mistresses from that delightful list you wish to stroke for believe it can be as many as you wish. So think of who you like to pair up together. How many you would like to masturbate for. Pretty sure that is gonna be the hard part, to be honest. It’s a great list of ladies and all have their special skills when it comes to teasing.

Course the idea is you outlast us. Or I should say it’s more like you try and withstand our teasing for the allotted time you have chosen the minimum is 20 minutes ( rules/details can be found here). Should you be able to maintain cumming for us you will get a prize. Being the tease I am, I won’t be telling you what that prize is, but it will make you rock hard all over again and have you begging to do another stroke session for us. Oh and you do get the joy of knowing you beat us in that masturbation session, which is a prize alone if you ask me.

However, if  you don’t make it to the end then no gift for you but you do get one amazing time with us hot Mistresses. Who doesn’t enjoy a tease session with Multiple Mistresses who are doing their best to have you cum for them.

Oh and course that isn’t the best part. I mean yes time with Multiple Mistresses is always amazing and can’t be beat but one of the amazing specials with Masturbation May is 20% off Multi Mistress calls so come on pair that with the Stroke-a-thon Challenge and well just try to make that hard cock of yours last with us.

Can’t even tell you who I would want to be paired up with cause the idea of Multiple Mistresses on a call teasing you is rather exciting but to add in a masturbation game like a stroke-a-thon, well hello let’s do this!

Here is the link for all the details on the Mini Stroke-A-Thon Challenge for I will admit being a new to the stroke challenge I’d rather you hear it straight from Erika herself so that I do not miss any of the awesome details.

How to reach Me ~ your Tease Princess.

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My current schedule is 11am – 6pm PST (2pm -9pm EST) Monday to Saturday with Sundays off but this is a guide line. Should my schedule change up you can generally find I will post that information on Twitter @EnchantrixMaya

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