Wondering what Ms. Maya is up to now?

Well for the holidays I have listed my very first assignment on www.phonesexassignments.com and it is for the Sissies out there. Those who are craving a little dress-up girlie time with a Tease Princess. Ever wondered if a certain outfit suits you? Course you might not be the sort of sissy who can get a second opinion for you keep dressing up to yourself. Which is perfectly fine we all have our own naughty secrets but it’s also nice to have a safe space in which to get some answers like “What do you think of this outfit on me?”

So with that in mind created a chance for you to send in pictures of yourself dressed up in ONE outfit and have me being a Sissy Fashion Critic. Pass my thoughts on what you are wearing. From the colour choice to does that style accentuate your body and have you feeling more feminine?

Now I know you are gonna be super excited to spend time getting all dressed up pretty for me and here are some fun things about this assignment. Starts with you putting on your lingerie whatever undergarments you desire and taking a picture of yourself in them. Then you can continue getting dressed up and take some more pictures of yourself.

Course I would love it if you took some time before snapping your photos to work on your modeling poses. Consider this a fashion shoot and you are the kinky model showing off the latest sissy wear. So flash some leg, point those toes, and model from head to toe.

Before you ask no you do not have to have to show your face in any of the photos. I fully respect boundaries and want to keep your privacy. So only show yourself from shoulders down if that makes you feel more comfortable and well helps ya embrace that sexy, sassy side. (Just so you know these images are for my eyes only) This sissy fashion critique will only be a critique of your clothing and lingerie. I will not discuss your make-up since I am not a makeup maven.

With this assignment please let me know if you are dressing for your Mistresses gaze or desire the attention of men. For I want to respect you and your sexy sissy vision. If you desire a critique that is more on the humiliation side or something that’s more playful and fun aka me shopping with my girlfriend type of response please also include that in your email for I want to ensure you get the tone that suits your sissy style.

So ya that’s the first ever assignment by the LDW Tease Princess. Have fun with it and most of all enjoy dressing up for your Mistress.

Thanks for checking out my very first assignment and look forward to critiquing your sissy fashion outfits.

Link to my sissy fashion critique assignment for the full details 


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Maya’s Assignment available for purchase: Ms. Maya’s Sissy Fashion Critique