My saying I am a size queen gets a couple of different responses from men and women really. Let’s start with the ladies they are usually flabbergasted that I would even say that size matters and I am being unappreciative of something a man has no control over. You know total bs comment. That good sex has nothing to do with cock size, Ya know their whole motion of the ocean not the size of the boat mentality. Who the fuck came up with that idea anyways – ok so that is a rant for another day but really!

Women’s Reaction to Being a Size Queen

Honestly, I had an acquaintance who sat there telling me she was pleased by a man with a micro peen. I can not even type the word penis next to the word micro or the size of his dick. It was 3.5 inches. So men if you have a micro peen there is someone out there willing to fuck you. Not me of course but someone will. She will probably tell you how cute that weak useless thing is. Really how is that fuckable. In typical size queen style, I sat there with some gobsmacked expression on my face like seriously you are joking! You didn’t actually fuck a dick that size. No, it’s impossible.

Oh, and this response is my favourite, women who are actually afraid of big cock. I have no idea how one can be scared of a massive dick other than they don’t wanna give it a blow job which ya that was my first thought when a massive cock was waving around in front of my face but the guy with this enormous cock loved that OMG expression on my face. When I was trying to finesse my mouth around it I swear his cock twitched crazy hard with excitement over watching me manipulate my mouth around that girthy cock.

Yes, I took great pleasure in telling her that I am happy to leave the micro pricks for her cause I simply will not fuck them at all. That I am a woman who appreciates substance overall. I want someone who I don’t have to question if they have entered me. Ya, she didn’t appreciate my comments which I don’t understand why I am leaving a mass amount of cock for her to slut around with. Sorry if this cock tease’s penis standards upset you. Honestly was not judging you I mean I was sort of but not like in a negative way more in a how the fuck can you fuck that small of a cock? Ya ok, I see it typed out and read it it’s a total judgment but you are wondering too right?

Men’s Response to Loving Big Cock

As for the men’s reaction, it’s either one of OMG I can’t believe she actually admitted she is a size queen. Like I don’t understand why I would hide the fact I appreciate when a man has something of substance in his pants. Many men get to sit there and say they like certain breast sizes and don’t hide that fact or at least my male friends don’t. So why should I be ashamed for being a lover of big cocks.

The other reaction is one of Fuck yes this girl is amazing she knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to say it. Sometimes those men have a big dick and other times they don’t. Course one thing is for sure those who don’t have a cock to impress this size queen love hearing about my big dick adventures and well I do love sharing them. Granted I sort of hinted a bit through this post but I would love to go into more detail in private. Yes, that would be a hint hint sort of moment cause those big dick stories lend themselves so wonderfully to a steamy cuckold fantasy.

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