Welcome back for the 6th blog day of my kinky holiday countdown version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Course I know you are all wondering what will be on Day 6 how about finding nipple clamps under the holiday tree?

On the sixth day of Christmas, my submissive sent to me
Six nipple clamps
Five golden toe rings
Four spanking paddles
Three butt plugs
Two strap-ons and
A bull in tight jeans.

Now I will admit that I do have a bit of a nipple fetish. Not sure if it’s a fetish but I love playing with my partner’s nipples be it pinching them, licking them, or nibbling on them. So the idea of getting nipple clamps under my kinky holiday tree would be so much fun.

So spinning a fantasy around nipple play would be amazing. The only problem I have is I am so distracted by the idea of playing with your nipples and clamping them that my mind won’t let me come up with a fantasy.

Oh no wait a minute I have got something!

What about you being my submissive and I take you to a fetish party where lots of fellow Doms and Dommes will be. Your in leather short shorts, topless only wearing silver nipple clamps on your nipples and a leather collar with silver buckle to lead your around the dungeon space. Hearing all the Mistresses and Masters commenting on what a good sub you are and how amazing your nipples look in clamps.

Hmm this maybe were we either pick up other Mistresses to join us in doing a little nipple play session or perhaps indulge in a Pass the Subby around and allow him to experience nipple play with 6 other Mistresses. I am kind of liking the pass you around aspect. it is the holiday season and who doesn’t like to share during the holidays! I do.

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