It is the final day in my 12th Days of Kinkmas countdown of what would be under my Holiday Tree. On this final day of the holiday celebration, you will find twelve stilettos strutting. Hey, I have a bit of a shoe fetish myself so of course we have to do a foot/ shoe worship fantasy in this countdown of kink.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my submissive sent to me
Twelve stilettos strutting
Eleven sissies sucking
Ten small dicks a leaking
Nine dicks in cages
Eight wives a-cheating
Seven dildos a thrusting
Six nipple clamps
Five golden toe rings
Four spanking paddles
Three butt plugs
Two strap-ons and
A bull in tight jeans.

Think this fantasy should be one of going shopping and looking for the perfect stilettos for strutting around on NYE with. Following behind me aisle by aisle as I look at the various sexy heels and pass along the one I wish to try on. Shoo off you go to find the right size. It’s an size 8 that I need.

You venture off into the back room to find my desired shoes to try on. Climbing up and down the back room ladder hunting for anything else you think I would like. Every step up and down you feel yourself getting more arouse since you will soon be kneeling before my gorgeous Princess body. Touching my stocking covered feet.

Oh my does that not make you just start to leak at the idea of touching and caressing my feet.

To be within inches of my toes slipping into those stiletto heels.

Yes I know you may already be imagining all sorts of kinky things with these shoes.

Know you have something kinky in mind what will you bring to this sexy shoe fetish fantasy?

Where will you have my stilettos strut next?

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my kinky version of the 12 days of Christmas. Hope you have an amazing holiday season and a wonderful New Years. Have yet to figure out my holiday plans depends on the weather. Will keep you posted on X/ Twitter.


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