Have you given much thought to the style of cuckolding that you prefer or lean toward with your cuckold fantasies?

One may have thought cuckolding was just the same across the board but in fact, there are many nuances to it. So many different ways you can take this amazing fetish. Now I am not gonna get into all the aspects of cuckolding cause I would be here for days breaking it down but thought I would explore a few different styles of cuckolding such as those who enjoy the humiliation side and those who crave the admiration/ loving side of the cuckold lifestyle.

Loving Cuck

A loving cuck is someone who is in a one-sided open relationship, he has no desire to explore other partners but wishes/ hopes for his partner too. He finds some sexual arousal from knowing her beauty and sexual power are being enjoyed by another person. There is something exciting about the idea of his partner expanding her sexual horizons with someone other than himself.

Course you may be wondering what else this loving cuck gets from his partner going out. Well, that is ultimately up to them. For each couple is going to settle on various things that will excite the cuck. A few examples would be him helping her get ready for the date, selecting her clothes, washing her, and maybe even making the reservations for the intended date. Some would like to listen in that could be them being present but not participating just observing their beautiful partner being satisfied by another. Listening in if he can’t be there or enjoying the retelling of the encounter. All sound amazing don’t they?

Ultimately there is nothing but love and respect in this style of cuckolding relationship.

Humiliation Cuck

The cuck that craves to be humiliated.

There is something that just excites him about knowing his partner is seeing another dick!

Now what excites him about her seeking out pleasure from another man often referred to as the cuckold bull is well for that sense of embarrassment the cuck loves and is aroused by being humiliated. How the humiliation can occur vary person to person obviously but the main ones are generally gonna be not being big enough, not having enough stamina to bring his partner to climax, or being unable to maintain an erection.

Generally, a humiliation cuck would love to be in the room while his other half is getting her sexual pleasure for that adds to the humiliation and he can join in. Nothing quite like seeing the pleasure with your own eyes a big better cock is bringing to that woman you love and her mouthing to you that he is better.

Cuckolding Style Your Tease Princess Likes

Now I can’t say which style of cuckolding I enjoy more for both bring a different twist to a cuckold fantasy all together. The loving cuck can add a wonderful dimension to a girlfriend experience you can explore and grow over time with each fantasy session. Whereas when it comes to humiliation won’t lie cuckold fantasies are rather fun with a dash of humiliation. That reminder of me being a size queen. Ya, you humiliation cucks know exactly what I am talking about.

The beauty of phone sex is that I never have to choose I can enjoy both styles of cuckolding equally!

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