I was pondering what to blog about so many things running through my mind but nothing was hitting just right. So as I sit at my desk twirling around in my chair boom the inspiration for what to blog about hits. A two sexy Mistress phone sex session with Ms. Delia. Someone was taking advantage of our wonderful LDW anniversary special where you get 10 minute 2 Mistress sessions for half price (2 for 1 goes with our 21st anniversary :))

Are you wondering what this fellow wanted to do with two sexy Mistresses on the phone?

Well, I am gonna tell you a smidge of the session. Yes, only a smidge cause I wanna respect my time with this person and I do enjoy teasing you all. This gentleman enjoys being teased by 2 wonderful phone Mistresses and worshiping their bodies when allowed. See how could I not write about this session considering it had body worship as the focus!

Since it was my first introduction to this fellow Ms. Delia was kind enough to allow my body to be the one up for worshiping. Plus her interests were completely focused on  *cough* spankings *cough*. Mind you I think everyone involved in this body worship session knew that I was a Princess who adores pampering and being worshiped when my description of what I had on consisted of 2 silver toe rings on my right foot. Both rings are worn on my toe next to the big one, does it have a name??? Leave a comment if you know the name of that toe by the way lol.

Little random Maya Musings

I started wearing toe rings thanks to dating a guy with a foot fetish. Nothing like twirling my ring with my toes and driving a man utterly insane with the ability to spin those rings. Oh and I can pick up random things with my toes too. Just imagine what a foot job is like with this Tease Princess.

Enough teasing back to the topic at hand two sexy Mistresses and body worship.

Now I have done a call with Ms. Delia in the past when I first started so getting to reconnect with her was amazing especially when it’s someone she knows very well. For I can follow her lead to a degree and bring my own flirty spice to the body worship scene. Course the thing I do love about a two-sexy Mistress phone sex call is that we both bring our own sexual interests. Like for me love being sensual and body worship with some teasing is just my jam, whereas Ms. Delia was all about spanking and fucking this guy into submission. To hear him moan as she told him what she planned to do with his fuck hole once she knew he had done a good job worshiping my body. Hmmm that had his tongue moving faster and faster. For he really wanted that fucking reward.

Mind you that’s probably telling you too much but honestly the idea of sitting upon his face and teasing him with my pussy and knowing I was the key to whether or not he got fucked by Ms. Delia. Hmm ya that was fucking hot. Course I may of waited a bit before saying yes he is doing a good job I mean I am a tease after all!

Have you ever wondered what you would do with Two Sexy Mistresses on the phone?

Most fantasies and fetishes lend themselves well to adding another Mistress in on the fantasy. With our November special of 2 Mistress 2 for 1 -10 minutes special its the perfect time to try out adding multiple women to the call.

Two Sexy Mistresses fantasies with tease Princess Maya 1-800-601-6975

Ooo if you have thought of doing or have done 2 Mistress sessions what type of pairing do you enjoy? Is it 2 Strict dommes or do you like going more 2 Sensual dommes or a combination of strict and sensual?

No need to ask I am always up for some Two Mistress Magic.


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