The other day as I was scrolling my Twitter or whatever it’s going by now, I saw the most beautiful wedding dress pop up in my feed. And well if you know me inspiration for role plays and fantasies just come from anywhere. So why not a picture from my social media feed to help inspire a sissy wedding fantasy.

I mean don’t we all get excited over the idea of dressing up in something luxurious and amazing and well jaw-dropping? Granted I know a lot of sissies out there focus on the party clothes and being a sissy maid but I have to wonder does any sissy desire to do the ultimate glam dress up like being the bride at a wedding?

Now sure you’re not gonna go out to a bridal store to grab such a thing but I do have a few hints as to where you could grab a wedding dress for such a fun dress-up fantasy. Oh yes, I know you’re going but Maya how can a Princess know such things?

Buying a Sissy Wedding Dress on a Budget

Well lucky for you I have had friends dress up as brides for Halloween so we may have found a few budget-friendly locations. Such as Goodwill stores yes people are turning in wedding dresses there and if you are lucky some out of the way little spots will have a few for you to try on. There are also some marketplaces on various social media places or even garage sales. How many women have divorced and just want the last remnants of their ex out of the house. You could be picking up a steal of a deal.

My final suggestion for finding a bridal gown for your sissy wedding would be consignment shops, Be it a wedding-specific consignment shop or just a clothing shop. Usually, at the end of summer, people are wanting to be rid of them. Of course in saying that I will admit that isn’t gonna be super budget friendly but you never know ya may luck out.

Alternatives to White Fantasy Dresses

With saying where to find these amazing wedding dresses sometimes what you crave to wear for your sissy bride attire might not be traditional. Cause not all of us are into the traditional thing. You might wanna be a slutty sissy bride and well wearing tons of tulle and satin head to toe isn’t your thing. But when you glance over at the gowns you may find something that screams “Yes that is my wedding dress!”

So please don’t limit yourself to it has to be white! It’s your sissy wedding fantasy and anything truly goes. It’s about having fun and enjoying the dress-up time.

Now that we have you with a dress. There is the fun things like lingerie and well sissy makeup which may be a blog post for another time. Cause this tease princess can’t give you all the details in one blog post haha.

Oh and if you the sort of sissy boy that doesn’t wish to purchase a wedding dress but likes the idea of where a sissy wedding fantasy could go then by all means let’s play! I know some appreciate the dress-up factor and others just enjoy slapping on a little sissy lip gloss and seeing where the fantasy goes in their mind. This tease princess is up for either variations of the kinky fantasy.

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